Paper Board (Kleannara)

• Duplex Grey Back Paper Board

• Duplex White Back Paper Board

  - Royal Ivory (Pure Pulp)

  - Ivory (Pulp + Scrap Paper)

• Type: Roll / Sheet


Aluminium Steel Coil (POSCO)

Very fine grains due to the suppression of the growth of aluminium crystal  during solidification of aluminium melt. Uniform surface condition and excellent corrosion resistance resulting from the sacrificing effect of aluminium. Good appearance after painting




Auto Tensioners / Bearings
Water & Oil  pump / Belt ● Customer : Mega Motor, SGS, Sapco, Isaco

Crankshaft Main Bearing
Camshaft Bearings
Balance Shaft Bearing
● customer : Mega Motor

Hong Sung
Friction Material and components
for Brake Pads ● Sales to AM with GMB brand      by production in Iran

Kumho HT
Wedge Bulbs
Festoon Bulbs
Halogen Bulbs

customer : Mega Motor



Auto parts with GMB brand

Main Items are categorized as :

• Various Tensioners
• Automotive Belts
• Bearings
• Water pumps & Oil pumps


Sales to Iranian Automotive manufacturers

 1. Direct sales to Iranian Automotive manufacturers

     Main Customers:
     • IKCO (biggest automotive manufacturer in Middle East)
     • SAIPA
     • Renault Pars
     • SAIPA-Citroen
     • IKAP

 2. Distributing GMB Products in Iran’s AM

     Main Items Supplied:
     • Bearings
     • Belts
     • Timing Kits
     • Tensioners

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